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Counseling for Families and Children

Families go through life cycle stages just like individuals, and can easily get stuck in places along the way.  Therapy can help by offering new perspectives and helping members reconnect in ways that make sense based on what is happening in their lives.   Together we will look at the family as a system and work to build on what is currently working to help change what is not.

Some examples of transitions that can bring families into therapy:

  • moving from parenting young children to parenting teens;
  • healing after a loss or an illness;
  • readjusting to two households after a divorce or separation;
  • living as a newly formed stepfamily;
  • adjusting to new economic circumstances or parents re-entering the workforce after being home full time;


Treating Children Individually

There are times when a younger child would also benefit from seeing a therapist individually.   This would be determined during initial meetings with parents and an assessment of the presenting concerns, the child, and the family situation.  During the treatment, parents are expected to continue to be involved with the therapy by meeting with me regularly and, at times, following up on “assignments” at home.  My office includes a separate playroom and I work with children of elementary school age through pre-teens in this capacity.


Parenting Groups and Workshops

Parenting is tough! Just when you think you’ve finally mastered one stage, everything changes and you need to completely readjust.   I offer parenting groups and workshops for parents of kids of different ages and needs, either in my office or offsite.   If you are interested in being part of an ongoing parenting group, or putting one together, please call my office or e-mail me for more information.



Families that are formed through adoption are alike and different from families formed only through birth.   I work with families at all stages of the adoption lifecycle, and all members of the adoption triad.   Prior to opening a private practice, I worked within the foster care system in Westchester County and with families that have adopted through the child welfare system.  More recently I have seen families who have adopted through agencies and privately, including many who have adopted internationally.  I have also worked with adopted individuals, both children and adults, and I run groups for adopted children and teens to connect and support each other.